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Christmas Horse Pop Up Card - DIY with Living Horses

Make your own amazing pop up Christmas Cards with these horse themed designs.

Be as creative as you want to be. Your imagination is your only limit!


  • Craft Paper Card (Various colours)

  • Scissors

  • PVA Glue or glue stick

  • Paper (to print on)

  • Embellishments

  • Glitter / Glue

  • Gobbly eyes

  • Beads / Sequences or anything else you can think of

This project will make a standard sized A6 card. In Australia, places like Kmart, Spotlight and Lincraft sell lots of ready cut cards, in a wide range of colours, that you can buy and use.

You will need one A6 Card to be the outside of the pop up card, and you will use one A6 card inside to be the pop up part.

Download the design templates from my website here and print them out onto the card you want to use (or print onto plain paper and then trace onto your card stock).

  • There are 2 sizes. One is an A4 sheet, which will print 2 pop up designs on to it. You will then need to cut that sheet in half to give you the insert required to fit into an A6 card.

  • The second size is an A5 sheet to print straight on to the ready to use cards.

Follow the instructions below, on which lines to cut, and which lines to fold.

You will need to carefully fold along the dashed lines in a concertina way, to help your card "POP UP" when it is opened.

Lay your cut out design flat, and use your textas and glitter and other embellishments to decorate the inside of your card however you wish.

Remember, your imagination is the only limit to your design!

(You can also decorate the outside of the card, which you will be gluing your pop up into.)

Once your decorated pop up card is finished and dried, turn it upside down, and apply your glue to the back of it. Carefully position it, and stick it inside the outer card.

Make sure you fold the whole card closed and flat when gluing, pushing the middle fold right into the other card, so that it will all close properly when finished.

Don't worry if you have any edges sticking out, you can trim these after the glue has set and dried.

Your card is finished!

If you have any embellishments left over, you can use them to decorate the front or back, write a special note, pop it in an envelope and gift it to someone special as a surprise.

Don't forget to pop a picture of your finished card in the comments below, I would love to see how it all turned out for you :-)

If you are super keen why not make your own horsehair bracelet too.

View available options here (you can even buy some horsehair if you don't have your own horse).

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